April Palindrome: impartial, deadline May 1

March Palindrome:impartial: deadline midnight May 1

I’ve decided to let “impartial” be the word for April, given no March winners, but a few attempts. So, for April the word is:


I add some of mine below, as I come up with them. 

Elba’s Tesla. I trap mists, impartial sets able.

“Able no Tesla. I trap minimum in impartial set on Elba”

Plurals and other close variations are OK, even desirable if it makes your palindrome more complex.  Spelling counts. Words from non-English languages can be used if they are familiar to English speakers or fit especially well. I will deliberately avoid posting more than a few that satisfy all the requirements (obviously you can’t just copy mine but they may be used as hints for yours). Believe me, I’m struggling with these as much as anyone, I am an amateur. You may send more than one. If there are multiple candidates, the judges on Elba decide. The closer yours is to mine, the less likely it is to win in the case of a tie. (We had two candidates in in April, 2014 and the judges determined we could only have 1 winner. In the December 2014 contest, however, there were two winners because one used a substantially different variant on math. (These are judges, so they are free to use judgment!) Most winners have tried more than once, so please try again those of you out there who supplied good candidates, but didn’t win on your first try.)

You may use scrabble word lists and palindrome websites and even programs (let me know if you find a good one).

Semi professional palindromists welcome; genuine professional or “career” palindromists (of which we’ve only had one–a world contest winner–, at the very start) can win no more than 3 times a year, at the discretion of the Elba judges.



“Able no Tesla. I trap minimum in impartial set on Elba” 


Previous palindrome contests included: (Note: I am duplicating some words only when they are optional second words)

runs test, omnibus, cycle, dominate, editor, data, Model, sample, random, probable, truth, Bayes, confident, likely, error, decision, variable, integrate, maximal, median (comedian), interpret, action, code, predict, luck, assess, model, simple, null, bootstrap,minimum, wrong, prefer, dogma, (s)exist, email, contest, dualist, logic, severe, procedure, deviate, optimal, Binomial, bet, fallacy, error. genomic, average, over fit, correlate, mood, manipulate, test, opposite, even, option, academia, math, ironic (irony), retract, impartial

Book Choices (additional ones below):


EGEK Cover








Error and Inference: Recent Exchanges on Experimental Reasoning, Reliability and the Objectivity and Rationality of Science (D. G. Mayo and A. Spanos 2010, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

Fisher, Neyman and the Creation of Classical Statistics (E. L. Lehmann 2012, Dordrecht, New York: Springer)

Principles of Applied Statistics (D. R. Cox and C. A. Donnelly 2011, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

Large Scale Inference (B. Efron 2010, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

Dicing with Death: Chance, Risk and Health (S. Senn 2003, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

Error and the Growth of Experimental Knowledge (D. Mayo 1996, Chicago)

Probability Theory and Statistical Inference (A. Spanos 1999)

5 New Books choices:

First Course in Probability and Statistics neyman

Lectures and conferences on mathematical statistics and probability

chalmers what is

Staley Intro to Phil of Science





Conjectures and Refutations. (K. Popper 1962 Basic Books)


3 thoughts on “April Palindrome: impartial, deadline May 1

  1. Miss Mayo would you recommend some one to get your recent book on Error & Inference or the older one first?

    • The older for a general picture of the philosophy, the latter for exchanges with many philosophers of science, my two papers with Cox, and discussions by Aris Spanos. I have an easy palindrome context under way that allows winning these books for free. There are weeks left, and I’ve given examples. Look at left column of the blog under the “search”.

  2. anonymous

    Which book is best for introduction?

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