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  1. Mark Szlazak

    Dear Dr. Mayo,

    Is there such a thing as scientific method? Philosophers claim there is not (e.g.

    But it seems everywhere you look, it is about experimental design, statistical methods and reasons about these from flaws in experiments or analysis to developing theories which would then be used to predict more things.

    Second, what is all this philosophical debate about Bayesianism? It seemed to dominate but after glancing your blog it appears that is not the case now.

    Finally, are there some good books to really understand all the things you and statisticians talk that have depth but can be understood by non-statisticians or professional philosophers. Basically, for college level educated people but more conceptual in presentation without to much mathematical abstraction. Something like a book on evaluating claims, research papers, experiments. Like research methods 101 book but with more “philosophical” depth that explains the subtle errors you talks about, etc.


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