AUTUMN SEMINARS: Contemporary Philosophy of Statistics

Contemporary Philosophy of Statistics (Autumn Seminars):

30 November:
Seminar participants: Some people indicated they wanted some general background: See the Slides from the first summer seminar and the contributions to the special on-line volume: may attach these to the group over the weekend).

The blog can also be searched.  If you write to me with specific questions and interests over the next few days, I can direct you to appropriate, short (hopefully) readings or summaries.

Thanks for your interest. D. Mayo

Seminar 1: 28 November, 2012

Mayo: “On Birnbaum’s argument for the Likelihood Principle: A 50-year old error and its influence on statistical foundations”
PH500 Seminar, Room: Lak 2.06 (Lakatos building). 
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


For summary in the form of slides, see here.




Birnbaum, A. (1962), “On the Foundations of Statistical Inference“, Journal of the American Statistical Association 57 (298), 269-306.

Savage, L. J., Barnard, G., Cornfield, J., Bross, I, Box, G., Good, I., Lindley, D., Clunies-Ross, C., Pratt, J., Levene, H., Goldman, T., Dempster, A., Kempthorne, O, and Birnbaum, A. (1962). On the foundations of statistical inference: “Discussion (of Birnbaum 1962)”,  Journal of the American Statistical Association 57 (298), 307-326.

Birbaum, A (1970). Statistical Methods in Scientific Inference  (letter to the editor). Nature 225, 1033.

Cox D. R. and Mayo. D. (2010). “Objectivity and Conditionality in Frequentist Inference” in Error and Inference: Recent Exchanges on Experimental Reasoning, Reliability and the Objectivity and Rationality of Science (D Mayo & A. Spanos eds.), CUP 276-304.


Autumn 2012 update

LSE PH500 Seminars (3) on Contemporary Issues in the Philosophical Foundations of Statistical Science
I will be holding 3 seminars on philosophical foundations of statistics on Wednesday’s between Nov. 26 and Dec. 12:

The London School of Economics: CPNSS: Lak 2.06 (Lakatos Building).

It is not necessary to have attended the 2 sessions held during the summer of 2012*.  In addition to the philosopher of statistics (me!), the Autumn seminars will feature distinguished guest statisticians: Sir David Cox (Oxford); Dr. Stephen Senn: (Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics, Luxembourg); Dr. Christian Hennig (University College, London) Other guests are possible.

Interested Masters students are invited (please write if interested, OK to come when can).

28 November (Mayo):

On Birnbaum’s argument for the Likelihood Principle: A 50-year old error and its influence on statistical foundations (Background: See my blog and links within).

5 Dec and 12 Dec: Statistical science meets philosophy of science (Mayo and guests):

Sir David Cox (Statistics, Oxford) Wed. Dec 5: 12-2 p.m.

Dr. Stephen Senn (Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics, Luxembourg) Wed. Dec 12: 10-12 a.m.

Dr. Christian Hennig  (University College, London) TBA

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