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D. Lakens responds to confidence interval crusading journal editors


In what began as a guest commentary on my 2021 editorial in Conservation Biology, Daniël Lakens recently published a response to a recommendation against using null hypothesis significance tests by journal editors from the International Society of Physiotherapy Journal. Here are some excerpts from his full article, replies (‘response to Lakens‘), links and a few comments of my own. Continue reading

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Too little, too late? The “Don’t say significance…” editorial gets a disclaimer (ii)


Someone sent me an email the other day telling me that a disclaimer had been added to the editorial written by the ASA Executive Director and 2 co-authors (Wasserstein et al., 2019) (“Moving to a world beyond ‘p < 0.05′”). It reads:


The editorial was written by the three editors acting as individuals and reflects their scientific views not an an endorsed position of the American Statistical Association.

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Philosophy of socially aware data science conference

I’ll be speaking at this conference in Philly tomorrow. My slides are also below.


PDF of my slides: Statistical “Reforms”: Fixing Science or Threats to Replication and Falsification. Continue reading

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