(LSE) PH500

This page has been re-organized. For office hours, Autumn, and Summer seminars (including readings & slides), please use the drop down bar to see the appropriate sub-pages under this heading.

Autumn 2012 update

LSE PH500 Seminars (3) on Contemporary Issues in the Philosophical Foundations of Statistical Science
I will be holding 3 seminars on philosophical foundations of statistics on Wednesday’s between Nov. 26 and Dec. 12:

The London School of Economics: CPNSS: Lak 2.06 (Lakatos Building).

It is not necessary to have attended the 2 sessions held during the summer of 2012*.  In addition to the philosopher of statistics (me!), the Autumn seminars will feature distinguished guest statisticians: Sir David Cox (Oxford); Dr. Stephen Senn: (Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics, Luxembourg); Dr. Christian Hennig (University College, London) Other guests are possible.

Interested Masters students are invited (please write error@vt.edu if interested, OK to come when can).

28 November (Mayo):

On Birnbaum’s argument for the Likelihood Principle: A 50-year old error and its influence on statistical foundations (Background: See my blog and links within).

5 Dec and 12 Dec: Statistical science meets philosophy of science (Mayo and guests):

Sir David Cox (Statistics, Oxford) Wed. Dec 5: 12-2 p.m.

Dr. Stephen Senn (Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics, Luxembourg) Wed. Dec 12: 10-12 a.m.

Dr. Christian Hennig  (University College, London) TBA

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