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  •  Preface
  •  Chapter 1 Learning from Error
  •  Chapter 2 Ducks, Rabbits, and Normal Science: Recasating the Kuhn’s-Eye View of Popper
  •  Chapter 3 The New Experimentalism and the Bayesian Way
  •  Chapter 4 Duhem, Kuhn, and Bayes
  •  Chapter 5 Models of Experimental Inquiry
  •  Chapter 6 Severe Tests and Methodological Underdeterminism
  •  Chapter 7 The Experimental Basis from Which to Test Hypotheses: Brownian Motion
  •  Chapter 8 Severe Tests and Novel Evidence
  •  Chapter 9 Hunting and Snooping: Understanding the Neyman-Pearson Predesignationiest Stance
  •  Chapter 10 Why You Cannot Be Just a Little Bayesian
  •   Chapter 11 Why Pearson Rejected the Neyman-Pearson (Behavioristic) Philosophy and a Note on Objectivity in Statistics
  •  Chapter 12 Error Statistics and Peircean Error Correction
  •  Chapter 13 Towards and Error-Statistical Philosophy of Science
  •  References

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Philosophy of Specific Sciences, Risk & Policy:

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