6334 (Q-5)

Syllabus 5 (changed April 10, 2014)

April 17: Mayo Spanos 2011 (pages not covered)

We’ve assigned Mayo and Spanos (2011) but have not discussed it. We will on April 17, 2014.


Q-5 Due April 17:

Use one of the following to write a well-written essay of ~3-4 double–spaced pages:

  1. Explain 3-6 of the criticisms in Mayo and Spanos (2011) and the nature of their responses. Consider one other reading in doing so.
  2. Critically evaluate Howson and Urbach’s defense of subjective Bayesianism. Compare them with one other reading* on one of the following: (i) selection effects (or optional stopping, or novel evidence) or (ii) objectivity.


*Choices that come to mind are: Popper, Mayo and Spanos, Achinstein

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