PhilStock: Bad news is bad news on Wall St. (rejected post)

stock picture smaillI’ve been asked for a PhilStock tip. Well, remember when it could be said that “bad news is good news on wall street“?

No longer. Now bad is bad. I call these “blood days” on the stock market, and the only statistical advice that has held up over the past turbulent years is: Never try to catch a falling knife*.

*For more, you’ll have to seek my stock blog.

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8 thoughts on “PhilStock: Bad news is bad news on Wall St. (rejected post)

  1. lurker

    Do you still hold Diamond Offshore? Cratering, no?

  2. Ah, the mascot–can’t link now to explain to the reader–but yes I do have my DO, and at $48 it’s a 7% dividend (.12 + .75 special) quarterly.

  3. Old trader joke: What do you do when the sky is falling?

    Sell sky.

    • Zachary: Reminds me of “sell me this pen” in that (fairly awful) movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” (even though they showed a clever way to sell the pen ).

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