E.S. Pearson Birthday

Egon Pearson on a Gate (by D. Mayo)

Today is Egon Pearson’s birthday, but I will postpone some discussion of his work for a few days. He is, as Erich Lehmann noted in his review of EGEK (1996)[i]*, “the hero of Mayo’s story” because one may find throughout his work, if only in side discussions, hints, and examples, the key elements for an “inferential” or “evidential” interpretation of Neyman-Pearson theory of statistics.  Pearson and Pearson statistics (both Egon, not Karl) would have looked very different from Neyman and Pearson statistics, I suspect.[i]

[i] Mayo (1996), Error and the Growth of Experimental Knowledge.

*If you have items relating to E.S. Pearson you think might be relevant for this blog, please send them to: error@vt.edu until the end of August.

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