Winner of July Palindrome: Manan Shah


Manan Shah

Winner of July 2014 Contest:

Manan Shah


Trap May Elba, Dr. of Fanatic. I fed naan, deli-oiled naan, deficit an affordable yam part.

The requirements: 

In addition to using Elba, a candidate for a winning palindrome must have used fanatic. An optional second word was: part. An acceptable palindrome with both words would best an acceptable palindrome with just fanatic


Manan Shah is a mathematician and owner of Think. Plan. Do. LLC. ( He also maintains the “Math Misery?” blog at He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Florida State University.


Ever since I can remember, I saw words spelled out as they were spoken. Whenever I said something, I would see my words run across on a ticker tape in my mind. The same would happen when somebody else would speak, not necessarily to me. Since childhood I loved playing word games; I played a lot of Scrabble with my dad, Once I got a handle on programming, the world of endless word lists became open to me.

Palindromes have always fascinated me. Curiously, though, I have not tried to write a palindrome generation program that went more than two words deep, but perhaps now I will! I’m excited and flattered to have won the July contest. My smiling face can be found on Twitter under the handle @shahlock.

Book Choice:

I was looking through the books and couldn’t decide. 🙂 They all look so good! Let’s go with  Principles of Applied Statistics [D. R. Cox and C. A. Donnelly 2011, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press]. 

Mayo: Congratulations Manan Shah! I might note that he had an earlier interesting candidate this month: “Elba is aware — poor fanatic. I lost rap part. Solicit an afro? Opera, was I able.”

I’ve only seen a few palindromic programs– none that created palindromes with stipulated words. I’d be glad to hear of any that can! That might ruin my contest but I doubt it. 

The word for the August Palindrome contest is “correlate”, with optional second word “mood” due by midnight Sept 5.

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