Winner of December Palindrome: Mike Jacovides

Mike Jacovides


Winner of the December 2015 Palindrome contest

Mike Jacovides: Associate Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University

Palindrome: Emo, notable Stacy began a memory by Rome. Manage by cats, Elba to Nome.

The requirement: A palindrome using “memory” or “memories” (and Elba, of course).

Book choice (out of 12 or more)Error and the Growth of Experimental Knowledge (D. Mayo 1996, Chicago)

Bio: Mike Jacovides is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University. He’s just finishing a book whose title is constantly changing, but which may end up being called Locke’s Image of the World and the Scientific Revolution.

Statement: My interest in palindromes was sparked by my desire to learn more about the philosophy of statistics. The fact that you can learn about the philosophy of statistics by writing a palindrome seems like evidence that anything can cause anything, but maybe once I read the book, I’ll learn that it isn’t. I am glad that ‘emo, notable Stacy’ worked out, I have to say.

Congratulations Mike! I hope you’ll continue to pursue philosophy of statistics! We need much more of that. Good choice of book prize too. D. Mayo

Distinguished Honorable Mention: Lori Wike: Principal bassoonist of the Utah Symphony; Faculty member at University of Utah and Westminster College. Lori is an expert palindromist who has won our contest so many times that she probably has a book shelf of prize books. Here are some links to her winning palindromes: April 2014, June 2014, December 2014, June 2015.

lori wike falls


Poetic Palindrome:

Parable nap,
A memory trap.
Party? Rome map
An Elba rap.


Mayo’s December attempts (selected):

Evil’s “i-code” but use mitigates a Nino tale memory. Democrats on Elba able no star comedy. Rome melatonin. As “e-tag,” “i-Times,” U-tube doc is live.

Ah, comic in or irony? Rome: Meg, a red nude man on Elba. Fan a memory assay. Rome man, a fable, no-named, underage memory, nor ironic. I mocha.

Won Elba! Mad, nab, late memories. O remorses, Rome rose! I, Rome metal band, am able now.

Able nose, nut, pariah. Plato: help Paris. Tax a mini memories use. I, Rome, minimax at Sir Apple. “Hot alpha,” I rap tunes on Elba.


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  1. The palindrome contest initially required two words in addition to Elba. If you search palindrome, you can find some of those early wins. The judges then weakened the requirement to one word with a second word being optional–a tiebreaker. We later moved to just one word given a paucity of winners. There are 13 book choices, and we’ll be adding more in 2016. Check them out:

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