Winner of April Palindrome contest: Lori Wike


Lori Wike

Winner of April 2014 Palindrome Contest:

Lori Wike


Pose ad: ‘Elba fallacy amid aged? Amygdala error or real?’ Ad: gym ad? Egad! I may call a fabled Aesop.

The requirement: A palindrome with Elba plus “fallacy” with an optional second word: “error”. A palindrome using both topped an acceptable palindrome using only “fallacy”. All April submissions used both. Other April finalists are here.


Lori Wike is principal bassoonist of the Utah Symphony and is on the faculty of the University of Utah and Westminster College. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Eastman School of Music and a Master of Arts degree in Comparative Literature from UC-Irvine.


I’ve been fascinated by palindromes ever since first learning about them as a child in a Martin Gardner book. I started writing palindromes several years ago when my interest in the form was rekindled by reading about the constraint-based techniques of several Oulipo writers. While I love all sorts of wordplay and puzzles, and I occasionally write some word-unit palindromes as well, I find writing the traditional letter-unit palindromes to be the most satisfying challenge, due to the extreme formal constraint of exact letter reversal–which is made even more fun in a contest like this where one has to include specific words in the palindrome. I also enjoy writing palindromes about specific themes (Poe’s Raven, Oedipus Rex, Verdi’s Aida) and I have plans to write a very long palindrome about Proust one of these days.
Mayo: I’d never heard of the Oulipo mathematical poets before. We should try a statistical version here some time.

Book Choice:

I would love to get a copy of Error and the Growth of Experimental Knowledge*–would you mind signing it for me as well?

Mayo: I’d be glad to sign it! I’m quite impressed that you’re a bassoondromist, and will undoubtedly raise the level of our palindrome offerings. Congratulations!
*Mayo, D. (1996), Error and the Growth of Experimental Knowledge (EGEK 1996), Chicago Press. [1998 Lakatos Prize winner in Philosophy of Science).
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  1. I have a feeling I’m always going to try to use amygdala after this!

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