February Palindrome Winner: Lucas Friesen

Winner of the February 2018 Palindrome Contest: (a dozen book choice)


Lucas Friesen: a graduate student in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology at the University of British Columbia


Ares, send a mere vest set? Bagel-bag madness.

Able! Elbas! Send AM: “Gable-Gab test severe. Madness era.”

The requirement: A palindrome using “madness*” (+ Elba, of course). Statistical, philosophical, scientific themes are awarded more points.) *Sorry, the editor got ahead of herself in an earlier post, listing March’s word.
Book choice: This is horribly difficult, but I think I have to go with the allure of the unknown: Statistical Inference as Severe Testing: How to get beyond the statistics wars.

Bio: I am currently pursuing a master’s in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology at the University of British Columbia. If I’m not studying, I am either playing with my one-year-old son, Ulysses, gardening with my wife, or reading classic science fiction.

Statement: Receiving notice that I had won this month’s palindrome contest was thoroughly exciting until I realized that it meant I had to choose a book as the prize. Then the gravity of the situation kicked in. Regardless, it was extremely fun learning the ins-and-outs of building palindromes, and working within Mayo’s restrictions made it a satisfying challenge.

Mayo Comment: 

Lucas, great to have a winner after many months of my not having anyone to give a free book to. I especially like that you got “test severe” in your palindrome. I’d thought we used up nearly all the viable words I could come up with, but then I thought of madness for February, and for March, randomize or randomise (which came to mind with Pearl’s blog). Winners, in addition to getting a free book of your choice, are entitled to an early preview of one “tour” of my new book.
See our 13 book choices. March’s word is randomise/randomize (+ Elba). https://wordpress.com/page/errorstatistics.com/21971
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