Summer Seminar PhilStat: July 28-Aug 11, 2019 (ii)

First draft of PhilStat Announcement


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5 thoughts on “Summer Seminar PhilStat: July 28-Aug 11, 2019 (ii)

  1. The blogsite for the SummerSeminarPhilStat is up. Instructions for applying won’t be finalized for a few days or so, but it’s not due until March.

  2. Aaron

    This sounds wonderful! However, the seminar is available for faculty and post-docs, but not for PhD candidates?

    • This is one of the things we will stipulate. Ph.D candidates, working on a dissertation in an area where this work would clearly benefit, may apply. A case for this can be made in the application.

  3. Aaron

    Excellent! Thank you.

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