Zoom: Comments & Questions

This post is open for comments and questions by all zoom and class attendees on the presentations by Aris Spanos, Richard Morey or Deborah Mayo regarding the last three sessions of Mayo’s Phil 6014 PhilStat Seminar.

Slides for Session 9 on Testing Assumptions of Statistical Models and Misspecification testing  (A. Spanos’ are here).

Slides from Session 10 on Bayes Factors (R. Morey’s slides can be found here).  R. Morey also has a blog post with more details on his view at this link.)

Mayo’s slides are up on the syllabus which is here.

Please use the “Leave a comment” link below.

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One thought on “Zoom: Comments & Questions

  1. Stuart Bevan

    Thank you both for an excellent series as I find it excellently well designed and structured. The link for Mayo’s slides isn’t highlighted. Mayo’s slides are up on the syllabus which is here.

    I thought you would like to know.

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