Elbar Grease

Mayo: Feb 25, 2014What is Elbar Grease?

In exile on Elba[i], on Friday nights my Island friends insist I accompany them to a watering hole called the “Elbar Room” which serves up a wonderful sour drink called “Elbar Grease” (I am serious)—it is like drinking straight lemon which for some reason I‘ve always liked (GW says I may be missing a gene). [It’s alternately called “Elba Grease”.]

Everyone has their own recipe for the Grease drink (a basic recipe with no frills is below);  the tough part is preparing, steeping and aging the lemon and liquor for as much as a month—much too labor intensive for me.  I think a week or even less actually suffices, especially if you sneak in store bought lemon liqueur.

To make something like ? a quart Elbar Grease:

  • 12-16 large lemons pared
  • 3 cups of Jack Daniels (most people use vodka)
  • 1 cup lemon liqueur
  • ~6-10 sacs of Splenda (or real sugar)
  • Steep peel in a screw-top jar with 2 cups Jack Daniels for some period* after which you remove peel and add remaining JD and Splenda
  • Sparkling water or seltzer, and ice, however much seems needed
  • A couple of lemons when served

*A week, some say, is the minimum for proper aging of lemon peels. Here’s a typical jar after a couple of days.

lemon jar Feb 5, 2012

I don’t recommend trying this at home, as I am likely to have the measurements wrong.

[i] Why in exile? See about this blog.


2 thoughts on “Elbar Grease

  1. James T. Lee, MD PhD

    It strikes me that this is just a variation (?), no pun intended, on the classic whiskey sour ?

    • Tastes quite different because of the lemon & bourbon, but I guess you could say a variation of sorts.

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