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Higgs Boson: Bayesian “Digest and Discussion”

Professor  O’Hagan sent around (to the ISBA list ) his summary of the comments he received in response to his request for information about the use of p-values in in relation to the Higgs boson data. My original July 11 post including O’Hagan’s initial letter is here.  His “digest” begins:

Before going further, I should say that the wording of this message, including the somewhat inflammatory nature of some parts of it, was mine; I was not quoting Dennis Lindley directly. The wording was, though, quite deliberately intended to provoke discussion. In that objective it was successful – I received more than 30 substantive comments in reply. All of these were thoughtful and I learnt a great deal from them. I promised to construct a digest of the discussion. This document is that digest and a bit more – it includes some personal reflections on the issues. Continue reading

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