LSE Summer Seminar: Contemporary Problems in Philosophy of Statistics

As a visitor of the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS) at the London School of Economics and Political Science, I am planning to lead 5 seminars in the department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method this summer (2) and autumn (3) on Contemporary Philosophy of Statistics under the PH500 rubric, (listed under summer term).   This will be rather informal, based on the book I am writing with this name. There will be at least one guest seminar leader in the fall. Anyone interested in attending or finding out more may write to me: .*

Wednesday   6th June            3-5pm                        T206

Wednesday 13th June             3-5pm                        T206

Autumn term dates: To Be Announced

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PH 500. Contemporary Problems in Philosophy of Statistical Science

Debates over the philosophical foundations of statistical science have a long and fascinating history marked by deep and passionate controversies that intertwine with fundamental notions of the nature of statistical inference and the role of probabilistic concepts in inductive learning. Progress in resolving decades-old controversies, which still shake the foundations of statistics, demands both philosophical and technical acumen, but gaining entry into the current state of play requires a road map that zeroes in on core themes and current standpoints. That is what this seminar will provide. While the seminar will attempt to minimize technical details, it will be important to clarify key notions to fully contribute to the debates. Relevance for general philosophical problems will be emphasized. Because the contexts in which statistical methods are most needed are ones that compel us to be most aware of strategies scientists use to cope with threats to reliability, considering the nature of statistical method in the collection, modeling, and analysis of data is a highly effective way to articulate and warrant general principles of evidence and inference.

June 6: Contemporary Problems in Philosophy of Statistics: An Overview

June 13: TBA.

*Interested graduate students from other universities: there are some small travel funds from The Fund for the Study of E.R.R.O.R.S. (Experimental Reasoning, Reliability, Objectivity and Rationality of Science). Inquries:

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