Metablog: One-Year Anniversary

Some of you may remember when I first began experimenting with a “frequentists in exile” blog on Google “blogspot” a year ago. That was a pretty rag-tag blog, but knowing there was just a teeny-tiny handful of readers also made it more informal and slightly less self-conscious. I even posted a picture of the wheelchair I needed to use for a short time when, a couple of weeks in, I injured my knee at an airport rescuing my computer bag from potential theft.  Amazingly enough, some of the posts with the highest hits of the year are the ones where I shared misadventures with the TSA (and the European equivalent) while traveling with the knee brace over a few months.*  For the past several months, anything but fairly direct discussions of matters philo-statistical are banished into semi-hidden pages, which now make up a blog within a blog of “rejected posts” (soon to be public). But surely the current, more professional blog represents progress, and reviewing the blog over this past week—wow, I see where my time went!  Anyway, I will revisit some posts from time to time, especially where they link to ongoing and new issues that have cropped up in my work, and/or where they deal with unresolved issues.

If I have a chance tonight, I’ll try to get us in to hear part of the original “Comedy hour at the Bayesian retreat” revisited, because there is something about that example (and readers’ reactions), that still bothers me.


I don’t promise the blog will survive another year (what is the average age of blogs, I wonder?). I do want to thank the many, excellent contributors to posts and comments, contributors to the special RMM volume (on statistical science and philosophy of science), those who regularly send me cool ideas and posts** and especially those who have allowed themselves to be deconstructed*** ( in my “U-Phil/Deconstructions.)”****


*To my horror, recently ROA has begun to use whole body scans, which of course I “female opt-out” of.

**Notably, Andrew Gelman, Christian Hennig, Stephen Senn, Nathan Schachtman, Aris Spanos.

***Andrew Gelman, Aris Spanos, Jim Berger, Larry Wasserman. Did I forget any?

****Oh and special gratitude goes to Jean Miller, Sailor, and other Elba blogpeople for dealing with the blog’s appearance and a large variety of blog emergencies, and of course, to the Elbar Bar and Grill (I’m so glad to hear that “Elbagrease” is now the #1 most popular drink there). The Elbar owners and the picturesque landscape have made my time in exile actually quite enjoyable!

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