Likelihood Links [for 28 Nov. Seminar and Current U-Phil]

old blogspot typewriterDear Reader: We just arrived in London[i][ii]. Jean Miller has put together some materials for Birnbaum LP aficionados in connection with my 28 November seminar. Great to have ready links to some of the early comments and replies by Birnbaum, Durbin, Kalbfleish and others, possibly of interest to those planning contributions to the current “U-Phil“.  I will try to make some remarks on Birnbaum’s 1970 letter to the editor tomorrow.

November 28th reading

Background Papers (Mayo, Cox)

Birnbaum Papers:

  • Birnbaum, A. (1962), “On the Foundations of Statistical Inference“, Journal of the American Statistical Association 57(298), 269-306.
  • Savage, L. J., Barnard, G., Cornfield, J., Bross, I, Box, G., Good, I., Lindley, D., Clunies-Ross, C., Pratt, J., Levene, H., Goldman, T., Dempster, A., Kempthorne, O, and Birnbaum, A. (1962). ” Discussion on Birnbaum’s On the Foundations of Statistical Inference”, Journal of the American Statistical Association 57(298), 307-326.
  • Birbaum, A (1970). Statistical Methods in Scientific Inference (letter to the editor). Nature 225, 1033.
  • Birnbaum, A (1972), “More on Concepts of Statistical Evidence“, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 67(340), 858-861.

Some additional discussion papers of possible interest


Evans, Fraser, and Monette:


[i] Thanks so much to George Chatfield for escorting me to London, and staying for the first couple of days. Good thing, too, as I’ve acquired a couple of new minor foot/knee injuries hampering my walking.

[ii] I had carefully packed and crated this old machine for use while in London, only to discover that two of the typewriter keys were broken off in transit. The airline obviously can do nothing, but if you happen to know of vintage typewriter repairs in London let me know. (There’s Everest, but it’s far away.) Anyway, I don’t use the 24th and 26th letters of the alphabet very often, so it can wait.


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