Palindrome “contest” contest

 metablog old fashion typewriterWant to win one of these books? You may not have noticed that since May, the palindrome rules have gotten trivially easy. So since it’s Saturday night, and I’m giving a time extension to 14 July – Le Quatorze juillet—have some fun coming up with a palindrome. It only needs to include “Elba” and the word “contest”. For full bibiographies and complete rules, see palindrome page:

 .EGEK CoverSend your candidates to me at One of the winners under the older, much harder, rules is here.

Previous palindrome contests included:

runs test, omnibus, cycle, dominate, editor, data, Model, sample, random, probable, Bayes, confident, likely, error, decision, variable, integrate, maximal, median (comedian), interpret, action, code, predict, luck, assess, model, simple, null, bootstrap,minimum, wrong, prefer, dogma, (s)exist, email

with variations.

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