severe testing or severe sabotage? Christian Robert and the book slasher.

severe testing or severe sabotage? [not a book review]


I came across this anomaly on Christian Robert’s blog

Last week, I received this new book of Deborah Mayo, which I was looking forward reading and annotating!, but thrice alas, the book had been sabotaged: except for the preface and acknowledgements, the entire book is printed upside down [a minor issue since the entire book is concerned] and with some part of the text cut on each side [a few letters each time but enough to make reading a chore!]. I am thus waiting for a tested copy of the book to start reading it in earnest!

How bizarre, my book has been slashed with a knife, cruelly stabbing the page,letting words bleed out helter skelter. Some part of the text cut on each side? It wasn’t words with “Bayesian” in them was it? The only anomalous volume I’ve seen has a slightly crooked cover. Do you think it is the Book Slasher out for Halloween, or something more sinister? It’s a bit like serving the Michelin restaurant reviewer by dropping his meal on the floor, or accidentally causing a knife wound. I hope they remedy this quickly. (Talk about Neyman and quality control).

Readers: Feel free to use the comments to share you particular tale of woe in acquiring the book.

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5 thoughts on “severe testing or severe sabotage? Christian Robert and the book slasher.

  1. john byrd

    What we need is some good ole acceptance sampling.

    • Indeed. But would this be a single anomaly? I suppose so, but it’s very strange it wasn’t caught.

  2. I fixed the link to Robert’s blog.

  3. Stan Young

    I have two copies of the book and they are fine.

  4. Christian Robert sent me the mutant version of SIST! I’m so glad to have it, it’s wild.

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