22-23 September final schedule for workshop: The statistics wars and their casualties ONLINE

The Statistics Wars
and Their Casualties

Final Schedule for September 22 & 23 (Workshop Sessions 1 & 2)


Session 1: September 22 

Moderator: David Hand (Imperial College London)

3:00-3:10 (10:00-10:10): Deborah Mayo, Opening Remarks and Thanks

3:10-3:15 (10:10-10:15) Chair introduction to the session

  • 3:15-3:50 (10:15-10:50): Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech) The Statistics Wars and Their Causalities (Abstract)
  • 3:50-4:25 (10:50-11:25): Richard Morey (Cardiff University) Bayes factors, p values, and the replication crisis (Abstract)
  • 4:25-5:00 (11:25-12:00): Stephen Senn (Edinburgh) The replication crisis: are P-values the problem and are Bayes factors the solution? (Abstract)

5:00-5:10 (12-12:10): Break

5:10-5:20 (12:10-12:20): PANEL DISCUSSION between speakers & chair

5:20-5:50 (12:20-12:50): OPEN DISCUSSION with audience

5:50-6:00 (12:50-1pm): Reflections on session


Session 2: September 23 

Co-Moderators: S. Senn (Edinburgh) & M. Harris (LSE)

  • 3:00-3:35 (10:00-10:35): Daniël Lakens (Eindhoven University of Technology) The role of background assumptions in severity appraisal (Abstract)
  • 3:35-4:10 (10:35-11:10): Christian Hennig (University of Bologna) On the interpretation of the mathematical characteristics of statistical tests (Abstract)
  • 4:10-4:45 (11:10-11:45): Yoav Benjamini (Tel Aviv University) The two statistical cornerstones of replicability: addressing selective inference and irrelevant variability (Abstract)

4:45-4:55 (11:45-11:55): Break

4:55 -5:05 (11:55-12:05): PANEL DISCUSSION between speakers & chair

5:05-5:35 (12:05-12:35): OPEN DISCUSSION with audience

5:35-5:45 (12:35-12:45): Panel discussion of both sessions

5:45-6:00 (12:45-1pm): Discussion of both sessions & future topics by workshop participants

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