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Little Bit of Blog Log-ic

I have a logic license

My “Logic” chariot,  crunched from behind before my travels, you might recall (blogpost Nov. 15, “Logic Takes a Bit of a Hit”), has been robustly repaired and beautifully corrected, all in my absence!1  So here’s a little bit of blog logic…. Continue reading

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Part 3: Prionvac: How the Reformers Should Have done Their Job

Here’s how the Prionvac appraisal should have ended:

Prionvac: Our experiments yield a statistically significant increase in survival  among scrapie-infected mice who are given our new vaccine compared to infected mice who are treated with a placebo (p = .01). The data indicate H: an increased survival rate of 9 months, compared to untreated mice.

Reformer: You are exaggerating what your data show. In fact, there is a fairly high probability, more than .5, that your study would produce a p = .01 difference, even if the actual increased rate of survival were only 1 month! (That is, the power to reject the null and infer H: increase of 1 months, is more than .5.) Continue reading

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