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King Tut Includes ErrorStatistics in Top 50 Statblogs!

I didn’t think our little rag tag blog-in-exile was even noticed. I’m glad to discover several other sites I was unaware of (providing yet more grist for our mills).

(Note: I am not at all happy with the way the comments are appearing here; there’s insufficient space.  I will be investigating better solutions…..I’m aware of the problem.)

I will soon be departing from this cushy chateau, where even King Tut reads EGEK.

(1) PSX-Second International Workshop on the Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation, 21-2 October, University of Konstanz

(2) Lorentz Center: Error in the Sciences, 24-28 October

Then on to England, in time for Halloween.

My Halloween costume?  You can take a guess to win  an authentic, chef-signed napkin from the Elbar room (no winners last week).

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