King Tut Includes ErrorStatistics in Top 50 Statblogs!

I didn’t think our little rag tag blog-in-exile was even noticed. I’m glad to discover several other sites I was unaware of (providing yet more grist for our mills).

(Note: I am not at all happy with the way the comments are appearing here; there’s insufficient space.  I will be investigating better solutions…..I’m aware of the problem.)

I will soon be departing from this cushy chateau, where even King Tut reads EGEK.

(1) PSX-Second International Workshop on the Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation, 21-2 October, University of Konstanz

(2) Lorentz Center: Error in the Sciences, 24-28 October

Then on to England, in time for Halloween.

My Halloween costume?  You can take a guess to win  an authentic, chef-signed napkin from the Elbar room (no winners last week).

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One thought on “King Tut Includes ErrorStatistics in Top 50 Statblogs!

  1. Jerzy Wieczorek

    Congratulations, and keep up the good work… but be aware, there are good reasons to avoid a site called something like “bestcolleges” getting you to link back to their “100 best blogs” posts. When you link back, it just pushes them up the Google results, so they can take more people’s money in exchange for worthless online degrees. Math teacher Dan Meyer explains it better than I can:

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