RMM-7: Commentary and Response on Senn published: Special Volume on Stat Scie Meets Phil Sci

Dear Reold blogspot typewriterader: My commentary, “How Can We Cultivate Senn’s Ability, Comment on Stephen Senn, ‘You May Believe You are a Bayesian But You’re Probably Wrong’” and Senn’s, “Names and Games, A Reply to Deborah G. Mayo” have been published under the Discussion Section of Rationality, Markets, and Morals.(Special Topic: Statistical Science and Philosophy of Science: Where Do/Should They Meet?”). http://www.rmm-journal.de/downloads/Comment_on_Senn.pdf

I encourage you to submit your comments/exchanges on any of the papers in this special volume [this is the first].  (Information may be found on their webpage. Questions/Ideas: please write to me at error@vt.edu.)

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