Coming up: December U-Phil Contributions….

Dear Reader: You were probably* wondering about the December U-Phils (blogging the strong likelihood principle (SLP)). They will be posted, singly or in pairs, over the next few blog entries. Here is the initial call, and the extension. The details of the specific U-Phil may be found here, but also look at the post from my 28 Nov. seminar at the London School of Economics (LSE), which was on the SLP. Posts were to be in relation to either the guest graduate student post by Gandenberger, and/or my discussion/argument and reactions to it. Earlier U-Phils may be found here; and more by searching this blog. “U-Phil” is short for “you ‘philosophize”.

If you have ideas for future “U-Phils,” post them as comments to this blog or send them to

*This is how I see “probability” mainly used in ordinary English, namely as expressing something like “here’s a pure guess made without evidence or with little evidence,” be it sarcastic or quite genuine.


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