Able Stats Elba: 3 Palindrome nominees for April! (rejected post)

images-7It’s good to know that in this incredibly stressed month[i], as we deal with end of semester deadlines, exams, applications and whatnot, that some people have found time for the errorstatistics palindrome contest–in fact, it’s the first time ever that I’ve received three (quite good) candidates (below)! (Help the Elba judges by voting for 1-3,

In addition to using Elba, a winning April palindrome must use fallacy and error. Full rules for April (and book prizes) are here.(The closer to my crude examples, the less it scores in the case of a tie.)

1. Pose ad: ‘Elba fallacy amid aged? Amygdala error or real?’ Ad: gym ad? Egad! I may call a fabled Aesop.

2. Not Elba! “nature man” error a fallacy call afar, or rename rut an able ton.

3. Wary call: a fad? Elba, in a mass UFO furor, relived a sad, evil error. UFO fuss: a mania bled a fallacy, raw.

Mayo’s (for April) [ii]:

Able I, Mayo by call. A fond raw error. Reward no fallacy boy. Am I Elba?

Abled error, relate fallacy, call a fetal error red. Elba

Elba, refer error. Relive sex, a fallacy? Call a faxes’ evil error, “rereferable”.

Elba man error: Relive sex-ed e-fallacy. Call a Fedexes’ evil error “renamable”.


[i] Maybe because of the palindrome days from 4/10/14-4/19/14

[ii] Naturally, I deliberately try not to use up too many good ones!

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2 thoughts on “Able Stats Elba: 3 Palindrome nominees for April! (rejected post)

  1. Visitor

    High praise for all, but I accord top scores for #1!

    • Thanks. It’s impressive that anyone would dare to use amygdala in a palindrome, but maybe aficionados get used to using the combos with gym, etc., I’m too lazy to keep track, but should try to record the great word combos for palindromes.

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