3 Commentaries on my Editorial are being published in Conservation Biology



There are 3 commentaries soon to be published in Conservation Biology on my editorial, “The statistics wars and intellectual conflicts of interest” also published in Conservation Biology.


Professor Philip B. Stark
Department of Statistics
University of California, Berkeley

You can read a draft of Philip Stark’s commentary here



Professor Christian Hennig
Department of Statistical Sciences “Paolo Fortunati”
University of Bologna.

Here is a draft of Christian Hennig’s commentary



Kent Staley and John Park , who each wrote individual commentaries for the blog, joined forces to write a joint commentary for the journal. You can read the draft here.


Kent W. Staley
Professor, Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Department of Philosophy
Saint Louis University






John Park, MD
Radiation Oncologist
Kansas City VA Medical Center


A commentary by Lakens will appear in the psychology journal that adopted the “abandon significance” recommendation discussed in my editorial. Others may appear as letters or part of longer papers elsewhere. I will update this blog once I have that information. I’m very impressed with these interesting, interdisciplinary efforts, and grateful to all the authors for pursuing them.

All of the initial blog commentaries on Mayo’s (2021) editorial (up through Jan 18, 2022) are below*

Ionides and Ritov

*After David Cox dies on January 18, 2022, I posted some memorial items. Two additional commentaries posted later are by Paul Daniels and Yu-li Ko.

For background: The slides and video from our January 11, 2022 Forum, with presentations by Y. Benjamini, D. Hand and I, which grew out of my editorial, can be found here:

January 11 Forum: “Statistical Significance Test Anxiety” : Benjamini, Mayo, Hand

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