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Dear Reader: Over the next week, in addition to a regularly scheduled post by Professor Stephen Senn, we will be taking up two papers[i] from the contributions to the special topic: “Statistical Science and Philosophy of Science: Where Do (Should) They Meet in 2011 and Beyond?” in Rationality, Markets and Morals: Studies at the Intersection of Philosophy and Economics.

I will attempt a (daring) deconstruction of Professor Wasserman’s paper[ii] and at that time will invite your “U-Phils” for posting around a week after (<1000 words).  I will be posting comments by Clark Glymour on Sir David Hendry’s paper later in the week. So you may want to study those papers in advance.

The first “deconstruction” (“Irony and Bad Faith, Deconstructing Bayesians 1”) may be found here /; for a selection of both U-Phils and Deconstructions, see

D. Mayo

P.S. Those who had laughed at me for using this old trusty typewriter were asking to borrow it last week when we lost power for 6 days and their computers were down.

[i] *L. Wasserman, “Low Assumptions, High Dimensions”. RMM Vol. 2, 2011, 201–209;

D. Hendry, “Empirical Economic Model Discovery and Theory Evaluation”. RMM Vol. 2, 2011, 115–145.

[ii] Assuming I don’t chicken out.

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