Winner of the March 2014 palindrome contest (rejected post)

caitlin-parkerWinner of the March 2014 Palindrome Contest

Caitlin Parker


Able, we’d well aim on. I bet on a note. Binomial? Lewd. Ew, Elba!

The requirement was: A palindrome with Elba plus Binomial with an optional second word: bet. A palindrome that uses both Binomial and bet topped an acceptable palindrome that only uses Binomial.

Short bio: 
Caitlin Parker is a first-year master’s student in the Philosophy department at Virginia Tech. Though her interests are in philosophy of science and statistics, she also has experience doing psychological research.

“Thanks for the challenge! Palindromes give us a fun opportunity to practice planning in a setting where each new letter has the power to completely recast one’s previous efforts. Since one has to balance developing a structure with preserving some kind of meaning, it can take forever to get a palindrome to ‘work’ – but it’s incredibly satisfying when it does.”

Choice of Book:
Fisher, Neyman and the Creation of Classical Statistics (E. L. Lehmann 2012, Dordrecht, New York: Springer)

Congratulations Caitlin! With consecutive months now of winners using two words (+ Elba), this bodes well for returning to that more severe challenge.
See April contest (first word: fallacy; optional second word: error).
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