Severe osteometric probing of skeletal remains: John Byrd

images-3John E. Byrd, Ph.D. D-ABFA

Central Identification Laboratory

Guest, March 27, PHil 6334

“Statistical Considerations of the Histomorphometric Test Protocol for Determination of Human Origin of Skeletal Remains”

Byrd 1John E. Byrd, Ph.D. D-ABFA
Maria-Teresa Tersigni-Tarrant, Ph.D.
Central Identification Laboratory

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One thought on “Severe osteometric probing of skeletal remains: John Byrd

  1. John Byrd was visiting our seminar (Phil 6334) yesterday and gave us a very informal presentation (off-the-cuff) of a statistical analysis he developed for identifying human remains using bone fragments. It’s faster and cheaper than DNA, and apparently as (?) reliable. I’d never even heard of osteons before this, and had no clue he was using severity. I plan to study this further, and would be glad to have feedback.

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