Winner of March 2016 Palindrome: Manan Shah


Manan Shah

Manan Shah channels Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” to win this month’s palindrome contest (and the book of his choice).* 

Winner of March 2016 Contest: Manan Shah



Palindrome: I was able to. I did add well. Liking is, I say, as evil as dad’s aloof. Delivery reviled sign: “I red rum”. Examine men I’m axe murdering. Is delivery reviled? Fool! As dad’s alive, say as I sign: “I kill lewd dad.” Idiot Elba saw I.

The requirements: In addition to using Elba, a candidate for a winning palindrome must have used examine (or examined or examination)

Bio: Manan Shah is a mathematician and owner of Think. Plan. Do. LLC  ( He writes at and is looking to publish his first book, hopefully by the end of this year. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Florida State University.

Statement: I have one pal, a jalapeno. Eva, hi!

I’ve been trying to get better at the palindrome game, moving beyond a jumble of words to trying to write a small, but coherent palindromic paragraph. For whatever reason, word games, number games, and puzzles in general have always tickled my brain. Palindromes cycle in and out of my obsession. I’m happy that a palindrome about axe murdering was a winning choice!

Book Choice: I would like to select Large Scale Inference, by Brad Efron 2010, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press


 Excellent book choice! Congratulations! Here are a few of my attempts this month:**
  • Lo! Disable tax. A wino, I tan. I maxed a mad examination. I wax at Elba’s idol.
  • No I tan I maxed Elba’s abled examination.
  • Able no dog denim axed, as I, sad, examined God on Elba.
  • At a date, men I maxed–racy democrats on Elba–able no star comedy card examine meta data.

*This is a second time win for Shah!

**The word for April is navigate. Please check the palindrome page for rules, hints, and book choices.

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