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New kvetch: Filly Fury

A little humor: rejected post: Filly Fury

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New PhilStock

stock picture smaillSee Rejected Posts: Beyond luck or method.

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New Kvetch/PhilStock

headlesstsa TSA to remove nudie scanners from airports. See Rejected Posts

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3 msc kvetches on the blog bagel circuit

Mayo elbow

In the past week, I’ve kvetched over at 3 of the blogs on my blog bagel:

  • I.  On an error in Mark Chang’s treatment of my Birnbaum disproof on  Xi’an’s Og.
  • II. On Normal Deviant’s post offering “New Names For Statistical Methods”
  • III. On a statistics chapter in Nate Silver’s book, discussed over at Gelman’s blog.

You may find some of them, with links, on Rejected Posts.

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Msc kvetch: unfair but lawful discrimination (vs the irresistibly attractive)

Photo on 12-22-12 at 12.31 PMSee rejected posts.

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Rejected Post: Clinical Trial Statistics Doomed by Mayan Apocalypse?

See Rejected Posts.17923-7DayForecast

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New kvetch/PhilStock: Rapiscan Scam

See Rejected Posts.

This is my first aeroblog–has a name been coined by anyone yet for mile-high blogging?

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new rejected post: kvetch (and query)

See Rejected Posts of D. Mayo

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New rejected post: “Are you butter off now?

“Are you butter off now? Deconstructing the butter bust of the President”

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New rejected post: phil faux

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New Kvetch: race-based academics in Fla

See Rejected Posts.

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