January Blog Table of Contents


January, and the blogging was easy

BLOG Contents: January 2014
Compiled by Jean Miller and Nicole Jinn

(1/2) Winner of the December 2013 Palindrome Book Contest (Rejected Post)
(1/3) Error Statistics Philosophy: 2013
(1/4) Your 2014 wishing well. …
(1/7) “Philosophy of Statistical Inference and Modeling” New Course: Spring 2014: Mayo and Spanos: (Virginia Tech)
(1/11) Two Severities? (PhilSci and PhilStat)
(1/14) Statistical Science meets Philosophy of Science: blog beginnings
(1/16) Objective/subjective, dirty hands and all that: Gelman/Wasserman blogolog (ii)
(1/18) Sir Harold Jeffreys’ (tail area) one-liner: Sat night comedy [draft ii]
(1/22) Phil6334: “Philosophy of Statistical Inference and Modeling” New Course: Spring 2014: Mayo and Spanos (Virginia Tech) UPDATE: JAN 21
(1/24) Phil 6334: Slides from Day #1: Four Waves in Philosophy of Statistics
(1/25) U-Phil (Phil 6334) How should “prior information” enter in statistical inference?
(1/27) Winner of the January 2014 palindrome contest (rejected post)
(1/29) BOSTON COLLOQUIUM FOR PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE: Revisiting the Foundations of Statistics
(1/31) Phil 6334: Day #2 Slides

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