Error Statistics Philosophy: 2013

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Error Statistics Philosophy: 2013
Organized by Nicole Jinn & Jean Anne Miller* 

January 2013

(1/2) Severity as a ‘Metastatistical’ Assessment
(1/4) Severity Calculator
(1/6) Guest post: Bad Pharma? (S. Senn)
(1/9) RCTs, skeptics, and evidence-based policy
(1/10) James M. Buchanan
(1/11) Aris Spanos: James M. Buchanan: a scholar, teacher and friend
(1/12) Error Statistics Blog: Table of Contents
(1/15) Ontology & Methodology: Second call for Abstracts, Papers
(1/18) New Kvetch/PhilStock
(1/19) Saturday Night Brainstorming and Task Forces: (2013) TFSI on NHST
(1/22) New PhilStock
(1/23) P-values as posterior odds?
(1/26) Coming up: December U-Phil Contributions….
(1/27) U-Phil: S. Fletcher & N.Jinn
(1/30) U-Phil: J. A. Miller: Blogging the SLP

February 2013
(2/2) U-Phil: Ton o’ Bricks
(2/4) January Palindrome Winner
(2/6) Mark Chang (now) gets it right about circularity
(2/8) From Gelman’s blog: philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics
(2/9) New kvetch: Filly Fury
(2/10) U-PHIL: Gandenberger & Hennig: Blogging Birnbaum’s Proof
(2/11) U-Phil: Mayo’s response to Hennig and Gandenberger
(2/13) Statistics as a Counter to Heavyweights…who wrote this?
(2/16) Fisher and Neyman after anger management?
(2/17) R. A. Fisher: how an outsider revolutionized statistics
(2/20) Fisher: from ‘Two New Properties of Mathematical Likelihood’
(2/23) Stephen Senn: Also Smith and Jones
(2/26) PhilStock: DO < $70
(2/26) Statistically speaking…

March 2013
(3/1) capitalizing on chance
(3/4) Big Data or Pig Data?
(3/7) Stephen Senn: Casting Stones
(3/10) Blog Contents 2013 (Jan & Feb)
(3/11) S. Stanley Young: Scientific Integrity and Transparency
(3/13) Risk-Based Security: Knives and Axes
(3/15) Normal Deviate: Double Misunderstandings About p-values
(3/17) Update on Higgs data analysis: statistical flukes (1)
(3/21) Telling the public why the Higgs particle matters
(3/23) Is NASA suspending public education and outreach?
(3/27) Higgs analysis and statistical flukes (part 2)
(3/31) possible progress on the comedy hour circuit?

April 2013
(4/1) Flawed Science and Stapel: Priming for a Backlash?
(4/4) Guest Post. Kent Staley: On the Five Sigma Standard in Particle Physics
(4/6) Who is allowed to cheat? I.J. Good and that after dinner comedy hour….
(4/10) Statistical flukes (3): triggering the switch to throw out 99.99% of the data
(4/11) O & M Conference (upcoming) and a bit more on triggering from a participant…..
(4/14) Does statistics have an ontology? Does it need one? (draft 2)
(4/19) Stephen Senn: When relevance is irrelevant
(4/22) Majority say no to inflight cell phone use, knives, toy bats, bow and arrows, according to survey
(4/23) PhilStock: Applectomy? (rejected post)
(4/25) Blog Contents 2013 (March)
(4/27) Getting Credit (or blame) for Something You Didn’t Do (BP oil spill, comedy hour)
(4/29) What should philosophers of science do? (falsification, Higgs, statistics, Marilyn)

May 2013
(5/3) Schedule for Ontology & Methodology, 2013
(5/6) Professorships in Scandal?
(5/9) If it’s called the “The High Quality Research Act,” then ….
(5/13) ‘No-Shame’ Psychics Keep Their Predictions Vague: New Rejected post
(5/14) “A sense of security regarding the future of statistical science…” Anon review of Error and Inference
(5/18) Gandenberger on Ontology and Methodology (May 4) Conference: virginia Tech
(5/19) Mayo: Meanderings on the Onto-Methodology Conference
(5/22) Mayo’s slides from the Onto-Meth conference
(5/24) Gelman sides w/ Neyman over Fisher in relation to a famous blow-up
(5/26) Schachtman: High, Higher, Highest Quality Research Act
(5/27) A.Birnbaum: Statistical Methods in Scientific Inference
(5/29) K. Staley: review of Error & Inference

June 2013
(6/1) Winner of May Palindrome Contest
(6/1) Some statistical dirty laundry
(6/5) Do CIs Avoid Fallacies of Tests? Reforming the Reformers (Reblog 5/17/12):
(6/6) PhilStock: Topsy-Turvy Game
(6/6) Anything Tests Can do, CIs do Better; CIs Do Anything Better than Tests?* (reforming the reformers cont.)
(6/8) Richard Gill: “Integrity or fraud… or just questionable research practices?”
(6/11) Mayo: comment on the repressed memory research
(6/14) P-values can’t be trusted except when used to argue that p-values can’t be trusted!
(6/19) PhilStock: The Great Taper Caper
(6/19) Stanley Young: better p-values through randomization in microarrays
(6/22) What do these share in common: m&ms, limbo stick, ovulation, Dale Carnegie? Sat night potpourri
(6/26) Why I am not a “dualist” in the sense of Sander Greenland
(6/29) Palindrome “contest” contest
(6/30) Blog Contents: mid-year

July 2013
(7/3) Phil/Stat/Law: 50 Shades of gray between error and fraud
(7/6) Bad news bears: ‘Bayesian bear’ rejoinder–reblog mashup
(7/10) PhilStatLaw: Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence (3d ed) on Statistical Significance (Schachtman)
(7/11) Is Particle Physics Bad Science? (memory lane)
(7/13) Professor of Philosophy Resigns over Sexual Misconduct (rejected post)
(7/14) Stephen Senn: Indefinite irrelevance
(7/17) Phil/Stat/Law: What Bayesian prior should a jury have? (Schachtman)
(7/19) Msc Kvetch: A question on the Martin-Zimmerman case we do not hear
(7/20) Guest Post: Larry Laudan. Why Presuming Innocence is Not a Bayesian Prior
(7/23) Background Knowledge: Not to Quantify, But To Avoid Being Misled By, Subjective Beliefs
(7/26) New Version: On the Birnbaum argument for the SLP: Slides for JSM talk

August 2013
(8/1) Blogging (flogging?) the SLP: Response to Reply- Xi’an Robert
(8/5) At the JSM: 2013 International Year of Statistics
(8/6) What did Nate Silver just say? Blogging the JSM
(8/9) 11th bullet, multiple choice question, and last thoughts on the JSM
(8/11) E.S. Pearson: “Ideas came into my head as I sat on a gate overlooking an experimental blackcurrant plot”
(8/13) Blogging E.S. Pearson’s Statistical Philosophy
(8/15) A. Spanos: Egon Pearson’s Neglected Contributions to Statistics
(8/17) Gandenberger: How to Do Philosophy That Matters (guest post)
(8/21) Blog contents: July, 2013
(8/22) PhilStock: Flash Freeze
(8/22) A critical look at “critical thinking”: deduction and induction
(8/28) Is being lonely unnatural for slim particles? A statistical argument
(8/31) Overheard at the comedy hour at the Bayesian retreat-2 years on

September 2013
(9/2) Is Bayesian Inference a Religion?
(9/3) Gelman’s response to my comment on Jaynes
(9/5) Stephen Senn: Open Season (guest post)
(9/7) First blog: “Did you hear the one about the frequentist…”? and “Frequentists in Exile”
(9/10) Peircean Induction and the Error-Correcting Thesis (Part I)
(9/10) (Part 2) Peircean Induction and the Error-Correcting Thesis
(9/12) (Part 3) Peircean Induction and the Error-Correcting Thesis
(9/14) “When Bayesian Inference Shatters” Owhadi, Scovel, and Sullivan (guest post)
(9/18) PhilStock: Bad news is good news on Wall St.
(9/18) How to hire a fraudster chauffeur
(9/22) Statistical Theater of the Absurd: “Stat on a Hot Tin Roof”
(9/23) Barnard’s Birthday: background, likelihood principle, intentions
(9/24) Gelman est efffectivement une erreur statistician
(9/26) Blog Contents: August 2013
(9/29) Highly probable vs highly probed: Bayesian/ error statistical differences

October 2013
(10/3) Will the Real Junk Science Please Stand Up? (critical thinking)
(10/5) Was Janina Hosiasson pulling Harold Jeffreys’ leg?
(10/9) Bad statistics: crime or free speech (II)? Harkonen update: Phil Stat / Law /Stock
(10/12) Sir David Cox: a comment on the post, “Was Hosiasson pulling Jeffreys’ leg?”
(10/19) Blog Contents: September 2013
(10/19) Bayesian Confirmation Philosophy and the Tacking Paradox (iv)*
(10/25) Bayesian confirmation theory: example from last post…
(10/26) Comedy hour at the Bayesian (epistemology) retreat: highly probable vs highly probed (vs what ?)

November 2013
(11/2) Oxford Gaol: Statistical Bogeymen
(11/4) Forthcoming paper on the strong likelihood principle
(11/9) Null Effects and Replication
(11/9) Beware of questionable front page articles warning you to beware of questionable front page articles (iii)
(11/13) T. Kepler: “Trouble with ‘Trouble at the Lab’?” (guest post)
(11/16) PhilStock: No-pain bull
(11/16) S. Stanley Young: More Trouble with ‘Trouble in the Lab’ (Guest post)
(11/18) Lucien Le Cam: “The Bayesians hold the Magic”
(11/20) Erich Lehmann: Statistician and Poet
(11/23) Probability that it is a statistical fluke [i]
(11/27) “The probability that it be a statistical fluke” [iia]
(11/30) Saturday night comedy at the “Bayesian Boy” diary (rejected post*)

December 2013
(12/3) Stephen Senn: Dawid’s Selection Paradox (guest post)
(12/7) FDA’s New Pharmacovigilance
(12/9) Why ecologists might want to read more philosophy of science (UPDATED)
(12/11) Blog Contents for Oct and Nov 2013
(12/14) The error statistician has a complex, messy, subtle, ingenious piece-meal approach
(12/15) Surprising Facts about Surprising Facts
(12/19) A. Spanos lecture on “Frequentist Hypothesis Testing”
(12/24) U-Phil: Deconstructions [of J. Berger]: Irony & Bad Faith 3
(12/25) “Bad Arguments” (a book by Ali Almossawi)
(12/26) Mascots of Bayesneon statistics (rejected post)
(12/27) Deconstructing Larry Wasserman
(12/28) More on deconstructing Larry Wasserman (Aris Spanos)
(12/28) Wasserman on Wasserman: Update! December 28, 2013
(12/31) Midnight With Birnbaum (Happy New Year)

*Let me express my thanks to Jean Miller and Nicole Jinn for their work on the blog, and for helping to connect “frequentists in exile” wherever they may be!

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