August 6: JSM 2020 Panel on P-values & “Statistical Significance”


July 30 PRACTICE VIDEO for JSM talk (All materials for Practice JSM session here)

JSM 2020 Panel Flyer (PDF)
JSM online program w/panel abstract & information):

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3 thoughts on “August 6: JSM 2020 Panel on P-values & “Statistical Significance”

  1. Steven McKinney

    Great presentation Mayo, many thanks for your long and hard work on this front.

    Your point that banishment of thresholds surely carries to Bayes factors and likelihood ratio comparisons in addition to confidence intervals lays bare the fallacious nature of that idea.

    I appreciate your points from many more of the 40 papers in the unfortunate 2019 TAS Editorial collection, more papers than I had the fortitude to deconstruct.

    I look forward to Karen Kafadar’s committee revisions of the 2016 ASA statement to straighten out the misconstrued notions in that collection. Perhaps that collection will serve as good training fodder for future philosophers of statistics to deconstruct in their graduate courses. I remain concerned that statisticians with such points of view seem perched at high levels of the ASA.

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