ENBIS Webinar: Statistical Significance and p-values

Yesterday’s event video recording is available at:

European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS) Webinar:
Statistical Significance and p-values
Europe/Amsterdam (CET); 08:00-09:30 am (EST)

ENBIS will dedicate this webinar to the memory of Sir David Cox, who sadly passed away in January 2022.

This looks interesting! A bit early for me, but I plan to attend. I’m very glad they will dedicate it to Cox, and happy they haven’t abandoned the use of “statistical significance” in their title! You can find the announcement & link to register here: https://conferences.enbis.org/event/22/

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2 thoughts on “ENBIS Webinar: Statistical Significance and p-values

  1. rkenett

    Mayo – thank u for posting. We will be honored to have you as participant. The ENBIS audience is typically balanced between academia and business and industry. In the 2005 ENBIS conference in Newcastle, David Cox gave an incredible unprepared talk emphasizing the impact of his years in the wool industry. on his career in the theory of statistics. To quote him: “Much fine work in statistics involves minimal mathematics; some bad work in statistics gets by because of its apparent mathematical content.” Theory and general principle in statistics, JRSS(A), 144, pp. 289-297, 1981. It is indeed all about “doing fine work in statistics”. David Cox showed us how.

  2. rkenett

    The slides are available on the ENBIS media center. To access it, you need to register to ENBIS (it is free) at http://www.enbis.org. https://enbis.org/media-centre/enbis-webinar-statistical-significance-and-p-values/

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