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Metablog: Rejected posts (blog within a blog)

I’ve been speculating for awhile on the idea of creating a blog within a blog, and now it exists. From now on items under “rejected posts” (on any topic including phil stat), “msc kvetches”, “phil stock” and assorted other irrelevant, irreverent, absurd, or dangerous meanderings that I feel like writing, will all be banished to:

I am not recommending it, and in all likelihood will only announce additions to it under the “rejected posts” page on this blog, if that.  I’m guessing that readers haven’t even noticed that all the entries under the pages Msc Kvetchs, Rejected posts, and others, have been stripped from this blog. Most, but not all, made it over the very low hurdle of the official “rejected posts” blog (others were rejected, by me, from even that).
Of course, it’s just like a regular wordpress blog with its usual features.
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