Blog Contents 2013 (March)

metablog old fashion typewriterError Statistics Philosophy Blog: March 2013* (Frequentists in Exile-the blog)**:

(3/1) capitalizing on chance
(3/4) Big Data or Pig Data?
(3/7) Stephen Senn: Casting Stones
(3/10) Blog Contents 2013 (Jan & Feb)
(3/11) S. Stanley Young: Scientific Integrity and Transparency
(3/13) Risk-Based Security: Knives and Axes
(3/15) Normal Deviate: Double Misunderstandings About p-values
(3/17) Update on Higgs data analysis: statistical flukes (1)
(3/21) Telling the public why the Higgs particle matters
(3/23) Is NASA suspending public education and outreach?
(3/27) Higgs analysis and statistical flukes (part 2)
(3/31) possible progress on the comedy hour circuit?

*March was incredibly busy here; I’m saving up several partially-baked posts on draft. Also, while I love this old typewriter, I’ve had to have special keys made for common statistical symbols, and that has delayed me some. I hope people will scan the previous contents starting from the beginning (e.g., with “prionvac“): it’s philosophy, remember, and philosophy has to be reread many times over.  January and February 2013 contents are here.

**compiled by Jean Miller and Nicole Jinn.

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