3 years ago...
3 years ago…

MONTHLY MEMORY LANE: 3 years ago: October 2012. I mark in red three posts that seem most apt for general background on key issues in this blog.[1] Posts that are part of a “unit” or a group of “U-Phils” count as one, and there are two such groupings this month. The 10/18 “Query” gave rise to a large and useful discussion on de Finetti-style probability.

October 2012

  • (10/02)PhilStatLaw: Infections in the court
  • (10/05) Metablog: Rejected posts (blog within a blog)
  • (10/05) Deconstructing Gelman, Part 1: “A Bayesian wants everybody else to be a non-Bayesian.”
  • (10/07) Deconstructing Gelman, Part 2: Using prior information
  • (10/09) Last part (3) of the deconstruction: beauty and background knowledge
  • (10/12) U-Phils: Hennig and Aktunc on Gelman 2012
  • (10/13) Mayo Responds to U-Phils on Background Information
  • (10/15) New Kvetch: race-based academics in Fla
  • (10/17) RMM-8: New Mayo paper: “StatSci and PhilSci: part 2 (Shallow vs Deep Explorations)”
  • (10/18) Query (Understanding de Finetti style probability)–large and useful discussion

[1] excluding those reblogged fairly recently. Monthly memory lanes began at the blog’s 3-year anniversary in Sept, 2014.

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