Blog Table of Contents: March and April 2014



BLOG Contents: March and April 2014
Compiled by Jean Miller and Nicole Jinn

March 2014

(3/1) Cosma Shalizi gets tenure (at last!) (metastat announcement)

(3/2) Significance tests and frequentist principles of evidence: Phil6334 Day #6

(3/3) Capitalizing on Chance (ii)

(3/4) Power, power everywhere–(it) may not be what you think! [illustration]

(3/8) Msc kvetch: You are fully dressed (even under you clothes)?

(3/8) Fallacy of Rejection and the Fallacy of Nouvelle Cuisine

(3/11) Phil6334 Day #7: Selection effects, the Higgs and 5 sigma, Power

(3/12) Get empowered to detect power howlers

(3/15) New SEV calculator (guest app: Durvasula)

(3/17) Stephen Senn: “Delta Force: To what extent is clinical relevance relevant?” (Guest Post)

(3/19) Power taboos: Statue of Liberty, Senn, Neyman, Carnap, Severity

(3/22) Fallacies of statistics & statistics journalism, and how to avoid them: Summary & Slides Day #8 (Phil 6334)

(3/25) The Unexpected Way Philosophy Majors Are Changing The World Of Business

(3/26) Phil6334:Misspecification Testing: Ordering From A Full Diagnostic Menu (part 1)

(3/28) Severe osteometric probing of skeletal remains: John Byrd

(3/29) Winner of the March 2014 palindrome contest (rejected post)

(3/30) Phil6334: March 26, philosophy of misspecification testing (Day #9 slides)


April 2014

(4/1) Skeptical and enthusiastic Bayesian priors for beliefs about insane asylum renovations at Dept of Homeland Security: I’m skeptical and unenthusiastic

(4/3) Self-referential blogpost (conditionally accepted*)

(4/5) Who is allowed to cheat? I.J. Good and that after dinner comedy hour. . ..

(4/6) Phil6334: Duhem’s Problem, highly probable vs highly probed; Day #9 Slides

(4/8) “Out Damned Pseudoscience: Non-significant results are the new ‘Significant’ results!” (update)

(4/12) “Murder or Coincidence?” Statistical Error in Court: Richard Gill (TEDx video)

(4/14) Phil6334: Notes on Bayesian Inference: Day #11 Slides

(4/16) A. Spanos: Jerzy Neyman and his Enduring Legacy

(4/17) Duality: Confidence intervals and the severity of tests

(4/19) Getting Credit (or blame) for Something You Didn’t Do (BP oil spill)

(4/21) Phil 6334: Foundations of statistics and its consequences: Day#12

(4/23) Phil 6334 Visitor: S. Stanley Young, “Statistics and Scientific Integrity”

(4/26) Reliability and Reproducibility: Fraudulent p-values through multiple testing (and other biases): S. Stanley Young (Phil 6334: Day #13)

(4/30) Able Stats Elba: 3 Palindrome nominees for April! (rejected post)


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